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Rent 2 Own Assistant was formed by experts in the mortgage and real estate industries. After years of experience helping people buy homes in the rent to own homes industry, and processing countless mortgage loans, we saw the need of a company that assisted people wanting to buy homes but don’t have the required credit score or financial situation. This is why we started offering our rent to own homes program.

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The credit system is setup so that the prospective buyer is at a disadvantage from the very beginning. We believe that people need a professional team to help them navigate through the process, get a fair deal, AND THE BEST DEAL POSSIBLE. This requires more than just the basic understanding of the (rent to own) process that most people have. It truly takes an expert touch and we formed this company to provide that expert touch for everyone that follows our rent to own homes program. Our signature rent to own programs has helped many Americans buy a home even though they thought they could not qualify. We have representatives all over the country. We offer services in all 50 states. You can Reach us 24/7.

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